I'm a creative director, copywriter and voice actor working between Austin, TX and NYC. Depending on the project, I act as GCD, CD/Writer, and oftentimes lead creative on pitches. I've worked for a number of great agencies on many fantastic clients, some listed below.



CD/ GSD&M, AustinMar 2016 – Aug 2018
CD / BBDO AtlantaJune 2013 – Mar 2016
Freelance CD/CW / Saatchi, JWT, Martin, Others / Jan 2012 – June 2013
ACD / GSD&M, Austin / July 2011 – Jan 2012
Senior CW / Saatchi & Saatchi, NY/ Sep 2010 – July 2011
Senior CW / The Martin Agency, Richmond, VA / New York / July 2006 – Sep 2010
CW / Slingshot LLC, Dallas / 2004 – 2006


Brett Baker. I cannot begin to describe the endless talent Brett brings to the table. He has perfect timing, perfect word choices and perfect hair. The latter being what I envy most. If I could clone him I would, but just to be honest, probably not first. That spot would be held for Jennifer Aniston or some other hot chick. What dude would clone another dude first? Exactly.
— Wade Alger, Former ECD at TBWA/Chiat/Day
Brett is the rare kind of writer of which there aren’t many left. When he writes, he writes well. But to call Brett just a writer would be wrong, alright? Because he’s also a terrific salesman. And I know that word carries a stigma. But I don’t mean it in the, “What’s it going to take to get you into this Camaro today?” More like in a Tony Robbins way, where he makes people realize the tremendous opportunity they have in front of them, if they’ll just open themselves to possibility. He can present work to any human. I mean ridiculous work. And I mean ridiculous humans. The kind who can’t be bothered to even lift their heads up from their phones in a meeting. But next thing you know you’re at Shutters going, “How the fuck did we sell this goddamn thing?” Well, you didn’t. Brett did. And he came up with it, too. So maybe don’t try to negotiate him down on the day rate, because it pays for itself in agency prestige when you get to go produce all his great ideas that he also sold to your client, and for which service you don’t have to cover his healthcare. On top of that, he’s responsible. He gets shit done. He does funny voices. Very funny. You’ll find yourself doing impressions of his impressions. If you’re starting to think that this recommendation is overwritten, well, maybe it is. But you can’t blame Brett. He didn’t write it. If he had, he would have written it much better.
— Ryan Kutscher, Founder at Circus Maximus
Brett Baker is a very talented writer and it was my pleasure to have worked with him. Brett is responsible, hard-working and an all around great guy. I would highly recommend him. And given the chance, I would hire him again.
— Dan Kelleher, CCO at Deutsch
I hereby recommend the inimitable Brett Baker as a Creative Director and Copywriter. Brett is famous for his sense of humor, his booming pipes and his all around terrificness.
— Wil Boudreau, CCO at The&Partnership
Brett Baker is the real deal. He’s quick to take projects down interesting and fresh paths and always funny. He’s a smart writer, and a pleasure to work with.
— Alex Lea, ECD at Saatchi & Saatchi
Brett Baker. Let me tell you about Brett Baker. I was really really mad when I heard he was leaving us. Not because he’s a great writer, that’s a given, but because he’s added more culture to our agency than most do. When you meet Brett, he seems like a great guy. Well that’s because he IS. Love his work, love his demeanor, love his humor. He is truly missed at The Martin Agency.
— Mike Lear, EVP/ECD at Erwin Penland